Spirit Release

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There was unrest in the village. People were becoming ill. Some were dying. No one understood the cause. Many lived in fear.

Mineeka was only four months old. She suffered from the same illness as he others. The medicine man cast her into a deep part of the lake where she drowned. He believed doing so would provide cleansing and release from the illness in the village.

Minnetonka was distraught at losing her baby. She wept bitterly, refused to eat and in time wandered far from the village and took her own life.

After her death Minnetonka was unable to complete her journey to ‘the other side’.  She was trapped on the earth plane.

She found herself back in her village reunited with her baby, but no one saw them and she was unable to communicate with anyone.

As the years passed, she watched her family and friends pass on, but somehow they continued their journeys leaving her behind.

Minnetonka’s husband, who was known as Gray Fox, was chief of the Blackfoot. He grieved for Minnetonka and longed to be with her.  He did not imagine she could be so near by.   When he reached the end of his years, Gray Fox became ill and feverish.   In his delirium Minnetonka appeared to him.  She told him of her plight and asked for his help.

When Gray Fox passed from his life on earth he chose to remain with Minnetonka.  They stayed at their campsite near the lake until the late 20th century when a certain woman by the name of Jane came to live at a nearby house on the lake. 

Gray Fox and his family went to the house to seek her help. Jane felt their presence and it made her uncomfortable.  She did not understand her feelings, but was convinced she was not alone.

For more than a week she was haunted by this presence until in desperation she sought the help of her friend, Kay who happened to be sensitive to unseen presences. Jane's friend came to visit and immediately sensed the presence as well.

“I think you have a ghost here,” she said. She explained to Jane that this was nothing to be afraid of.  She told her that a ghost is simply an earthbound spirit: someone who has died suddenly or under highly emotional circumstances.  Sometimes it is a person who is unable to give up attachments on the earth plane. “We must try to communicate with this spirit and try to help.”

Kay entered a trance state and spoke to Gray Fox and Minnetonka. They told her their story and asked for her help.  While she was in the trance, others came forward who were also earthbound.  Kay promised to have a special gathering to release them.

After that the level of anxiety in the house was reduced, but the presences were still felt. 

The spirit release took place a week later. People of all ages gathered on a high hill and formed a circle holding hands. They asked for spiritual protection and guidance, named the spirits to be released and asked that these spirits be symbolically placed in the center of the circle. Then they imagined great energy and power flowing around the circle through their bodies and connected hands.  When Kay felt the energy to be sufficient, she gave a signal and the group sent that energy to the earthbound spirits telling them to use the energy to free themselves of the earth plane and to go on to complete their journey.

The group returned to Jane’s house and celebrated the spirit release.

From that day forward her house remains peaceful and quiet.

Oga's Lullaby

Wind will free you

Water will sing

Moon caress you

Tree uplift you