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This a true story about a cat as told to me by

Anton in Croatia in Nov 2011

Anton and his wife were out for a stroll in Dubrovnic when a car came around the corner and hit a cat and killed her. Anton's wife noticed that the dead cat seemed to be moving and on closer inspection realized that she was pregnant and her unborn kittens were moving inside her belly. They picked the cat up and put her in a black garbage bag took her to a vet who delivered two live kittens. The third kitten did not survive the accident. Anton and his wife adopted one of the kittens. The vet gave them an eyedropper and told them how to feed the kitten.  They called the kitten "Tiggy" because she was striped. They kept "Tiggy" in the bathroom of their small apartment. Soon they discovered that Tiggy was using their bath tub as a toilet and did not want that so they started keeping a few inches of water in the tub to discourage the cat. Ultimately the cat learned to use the toilet and eventually even to flush the toilet. She graduated from that to learning to jump up and pull down the handle to the bathroom door and getting out of the bathroom, whereupon Anton had to take the handle off the door to keep her in.